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Mapping Ties

Stories of Togetherness at Work

Where community builders share their stories of crafting, nurturing, and growing communities from within.

Studio Headphones Outline Illustration
Studio Headphones Outline Illustration



/ We don’t have enough stories of success from companies building internal communities

/ We don’t know enough about the challenges such projects are facing

/ We don’t know “what good looks like” and what’s holding us back

/ We don’t celebrate the organisations and people who pave the way often enough

We’re changing that.

Season one

We kicked off Mapping Ties as a series of seven LinkedIn Audio events, with eleven experts and a small listeners community who were invited to join the conversation.

On January 18th, we are celebrating our takeaways and continue the conversation with you all!

Join us for this interactive hour and a half, and let's explore the practice of internal community building together with other practitioners, and some of our podcast hosts so far.

Here's what's on the agenda:

🤩 Connect with other community builders

💭 Reflect on the first season and go back to the takeaways

💡 Bounce off ideas and share best practices

Studio Headphones Outline Illustration
Studio Headphones Outline Illustration
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Join our quest for best practice sharing and collective sense-making!


Use the board link below to:

/ Post questions for the speakers in advance

/ Share your main takeaways and reflections from the events

/ Capture resources you found useful in your community building journey

If you’re building an in-house community within your company, and would like to share your experience with others, we’d love to hear from you!

tech network ai digital pattern



/ Anamaria Dorgo [Learning & Community Consultant

@ Handle with Brain]

/ Sophie August [ Learning Community Leader @ Baker Hughes]